These effects can be created using a selection

A good rule to follow is that the width of the braid should be approximately the same as the width of the curtain border. Picot edging can also be created using a pico braid, or by creating overlapping fabric triangles that are attached to the leading edge.

This is an extremely elegant effect but it is quite difficult to achieve and may be a bit beyond the reach of the amateur curtain maker. This approach can be varied by adding multiple frills, one which matches and one which contrasts or one that is plain and one that is patterned.

These effects can be created using a selection of the following methods.There are various ways to trim basic curtains to obtain many different styles and themes.

It is possible to turn your leading edges into something more chic by employing fan pleats that extend down the curtain's leading edge so that they do not cwill end up with a very displeasing effect where the edge of the curtain is dragged down away from the pole or rail

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